Win back your customers’ heart

Flowers(Image: Sean Locke).

Love and business are often similar. Time and again you find yourself wanting to get back together after a breakup but don’t really know where to start and what to do different this time. Here are 8 tips to win back your customer’s heart:

  1. Find out what’s wrong. Start the dialog. Prove your willingness to sit down and listen before your speak. Don’t assume anything.
  2. Get to the bottom of the problem. “It’s not me, it’s YOU.” Figure out the real cause of the problem, and once you do, find out if your customer agrees with it. They may see things differently.
  3. “I just want you to be happy”. Refer new business to your ex-customers. Show them you have their best interest at heart even if they aren’t your customers anymore. Be honest with it and you might start a new business relationship.
  4. Calibrate your verbal and body language. During a conflict it is easy to lose focus; being patient will not only clear your mind but also calm you customer. You will both be able to solve the issue.
  5. Offer a plan of action. Now that you have listened and clearly understand the core problem, offer a specific strategy to solve it. What do you promise to do? How will you change? What do you expect?
  6. Sweeten the deal with an incentive. A box of chocolates and flowers really help. Remember how emotions might have been vented before? You can now reestablish an emotional connection with your customer by adding an incentive: a free sample, a gift certificate. Get creative, it’s the little details that matter.
  7. Show your interest but don’t be needy. You might need to fight your way back but once your customers see your honest intentions and perseverance, they will get over their initial anger and fear of rejection. Be ready to compromise, you already know what they want.
  8. Nurture the relationship. Let your customers know how much it means to have them back. Schedule follow up dates, phone calls or e-mails and keep in touch with them. Remember what made them unhappy and avoid the same mistakes.


Source: All Business

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